Even though every topic, every site and every process is a challenge, the most outstanding places that form the nowadays society are however, without doubt, public spaces and public buildings. As the way of communication between people is changing and becoming more and more virtual, the physical social connections are disappearing. The necessity to still provide places where such physical interaction is possible is increasing. Public spaces should stay alive and cities shouldn’t  be just an anonymous network of connections from points A to B, but places which are easy to identify with. That kind of architecture and urbanism is what I stand for.

Every new building and urban intervention should carefully consider their surroundings. I see nature as an holistic partner of architecture rather than an adversary. Together with well-designed public-private gradients we can create designs which will always add value to our cities. We should work on the future instead of the contemporary and always strive for the best possible solution. I believe that working in multidisciplinary teams can create something extraordinary which meets all of the above mentioned requirements. Our understanding of things has become much more intense and so should be our cooperation with other disciplines.